Our History

YALIN OTO YAN SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., providing support to primarily the automotive industry, and other industries with concept of expert technical staff and understanding of superior quality, continuous, and as an institution that aims to provide quality service since 2007.

Our company is mostly manufacturing of automotive supply industry. Works with all of the products of metal industry also that satisfy the needs all of the machining and cold forming in the other sectors.

Our company has expert technical engineering staff about of all types materials the particularly stainless steel in the during machining.In addition, our company is working with technical knowledge and talented staff in the process of welding, sheet-forming and montage.

Our company, producing the product according to the present process rather than has adopted the philosophy of setting up and managing process according to the by product. Our competent staff aimed to produce the highest quality product at the lowest cost for process to establish the requested product with their work. We have accomplished this in our existing ERP supported processes.

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Our Vision

In the automotive sector and  with our expertise area, as a company that aim the highest level of partnership satisfaction; being the support with  new technologies  for smooth goods production, design and delivery and preserve  in the competitive position ; mainly Turkey,  our products and services are to offer to the world market .

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Our Mission

Yalın Oto Yan San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. in the automotive sector;

  • Working with the principle of customer orientation,
  • Keep the Customer Complaints and satisfaction at the highest level,
  • 70-80 % of the profit will turn in to invesment budget and it will used to develop technology and process development to continuous improvement.
  • The company which is completely dominant to the requirements of the industry and the sector.
  • Knows the expectations of the business partnership and identify new prospects, a company that targets the highest level of their satisfaction.
  • Taking advantage of the latest technology with human creative power .
  • Adopted the principle of continuous improvement , giving an efficient and profitable service sector in the related field the company that is aiming to grow.
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