Our Sense of Quality

YALIN OTO  deserved  receiving ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality management system certification at 2012 with always servicing to customer of quality and safely. Our certification has changed with IATF 16949:2016 certification on 27.07.2018.

YALIN OTO, deserved receiving    ISO 10002:2014 Customer satification management system  certification on 29.12.2017 with the highest quality servicing for customers .

Studies always carefully and meticulously reviews for provide customer expectations in the our company.
Tests and controls; customer request, legal requirements and according to international standards, calibration carried out with equipment made.

Customer-demands; timely,affordably and to ensure continous customer satisfication by producing products that meet the correct qualifications.

Within the framework of this basic policy;

  • Our quality management system IATF 16949 standard fulfill the requirements of the design and continually improve .
  • Adopted Customer-focused growth as a principle, ensure customer satisfaction by producing quality and value added products and contribute to the country’s economy.
  • Customer Complaints and satisfaction ; objectivity, confidentiality, transparency, implement of adhering to the accessibility principles .
  • Avoid duplication when occur the errors with corrective actions.
  • Prevent potential hazards by analyzing potential risks.
  • Keep the maximum level of efficiency in the production With continuous improvements.
  • Increase productivity by providing follow closely technological developments to reduce costs and improve profitability.
  • Our suppliers improve in a way that contributes to the development of our company.
  • All our employees by supporting them with the latest technology, improve their knowledge and skills in their respective fields.
  • Provide the safe, peaceful and clean working environment In the work place.
  • Be an exemplary company With respect to our current society and the environment.